Surviving Property Extensions,
Loft Conversions and House Refurbishments in Banstead  

As an established residential building company, we understand the stresses accompanying any form of property refurbishments or renovations. Even though you know your Banstead home will be more functional and spacious, getting there can be difficult and quite the upheaval. Our new home builders at Joshua Lewis Carpentry and Construction Ltd have some helpful tips that may make the process easier for everyone. 

Based in Horley, we specialise in new builds, dedicated kitchen extensions, loft conversions, house refurbishments, and a range of space-creating property extensions. Each service is carried out with you, the homeowner, in mind as we strive to create the perfect interior.

Please check out our testimonials to discover what our past and present clients say about our services and how we’ve completely transformed their homes.

House Renovations and Refurbishments

The first thing to remember is that all the work is short-lived; there will be an end result, and it will convert your home into a much-improved environment.

Mood Boards

Many projects – for example, our side-return and rear-facing house extensions or dormer and hip-to-gable loft conversions – take place outside the home for some time. Eventually, however, the team at Joshua Lewis Carpentry and Construction Ltd will continue to work indoors. And that’s where it can get a little messy. We understand how difficult it can be to witness familiar surroundings being demolished and rebuilt, but we assure you that our turnkey results will make it worthwhile. In the meantime, we suggest keeping images of how you envisage the outcome as an incentive to overlook the construction and stay positive.  

Kitchen Facilities

If you plan kitchen remodelling, set up a temporary area elsewhere for cooking and food storage. Move the fridge and microwave into the living room if you have to, along with the kettle, adequate seating, and enough tableware for everyone.

Room to Relax

If our new home builders’ kitchen extensions, property extensions or other house refurbishments are under construction near where you and your family usually relax and socialise, enjoy a meal together occasionally or arrange a mini break away from home. 

Bathroom Facilities

As one of the most frequently used parts of any property, losing access to the bathroom can be extremely frustrating. It won’t matter if your bedroom has another facility or an ensuite everyone can use. If the family relies on a single toilet or shower, you should consider alternate living arrangements during bathroom refurbishments.

We’re the residential building company you can trust for property customisation services. Talk to our new home builders at Joshua Lewis Carpentry and Construction Ltd today if you’re considering having the following home improvements at your Banstead property:

  • Dormer Loft Conversions

  • Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

  • Mansard Loft Conversions

  • Side-Return House Extensions

  • Rear-Facing House Extensions

  • Wraparound Property Extensions

  • New Kitchen Extensions

  • Kitchen Remodelling Services

  • Bathroom Refurbishments

  • House Refurbishments and Renovations

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